Monday, November 30, 2009

Old Old Old

I sewed these around the same time as the felt plushies.

Reconstructed Dr. Awkward T-shirt
-Dr. Awk was my friend's Ty, Mike, and Mason's band at the time.
Kind of punk, but all very fun. I got the shirt at one of their shows
but it was an extra large, and there was no way i would wear
that. So i made it cuter.
Grey Cut-out Dress

Blue Top

Super Old

These are some plushies that i made maybe 6 years ago. Some of my first attempts at sewing. Very elementary, but cute. :]

Felt Camera
Felt Leaf
Felt Cellphone

First Post

I created this blog to showcase some of the art, crafts, photos, pretty much anything i make and I'll see how it develops from there. I'm going to post some of my older pieces first to see how my work progresses, but i have to gather all my photos.