Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is some of the jewelry i've made so far. These are again quite old.

Rain Cloud Necklace
I believe i got the idea to do this from Jill Bliss,
but don't really remember.
Hello Kitty Necklace
I made this for a friend at the time, for her
birthday, since we share the same one.

Hello Kitty Purple Necklace
I took a hello kitty locket and jazzed it up a bit
with polymer clay and crystals

Wood Hello Kitty Necklace
My friend Christian was in woodshop in at the time
and he very kindly carved it out for me, and
then i painted it.

Red Lego Necklace

Just to add, I know Hello Kitty is copy righted, as well as Lego, I would never think to sell these. They were just my first attempts as making jewelry, and I would probably not want to make these again since my style has changed a bit.

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