Monday, October 25, 2010

Maize Maze!

So this past weekend my boyfriend and I made a trip to a local corn maze, out in the middle of no where. I had made sandwiches for our way their though. We had a lil car picnic, well thats at least what i like to call eating in the car. But anyway, they make the maze every October and its only $6 to do the it. I had actually gone to it last year, but it wasn't as good. I gone on the last weekend they were open and the corn had dried out and wasn't tall enough anymore to make the maze much of a challenge. But this year i knew i had to come earlier. The corn was definitely a lil green still and a lot taller. This made the maze a lot harder though, haha.

After being lost for a bit, we finally made it out! haha.
Along with the corn maze they gave to the chance to shot their corn cannon. :D
I sucked at it. So did Trey.

As we were leaving we saw this gas station called the Country Store. Well to say the least, i just had to go investigate. :]

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