Friday, July 8, 2011

3D projects

So I don't consider myself a 3D artists. I never understood how to conceptualize my ideas into 3D form. I have definitely been crafty, but i just never thought i would do 3D art. All bachelors of art majors have to take a variety of classes to graduate. And good thing too! I took a 3D class last semester and I loved it. And I actually did some great work!

For this first project we had no make negative sculpture with plaster. I decided to use pepper to fill with plaster, since peppers remind me so much of Hungary (paprika is one of Hungary's biggest export!). It ended up being a time lapse piece in a sense with the peppers rotting over time with the bone-like plaster insides. Once again it was a way to explore my feelings about being Hungarian, yet living in America most my life. 

For this second project we had to recreate an everyday object into a soft sculpture. I had been very intrigued by the word effervescent and ethereal, as well as working with the idea of opposites, so I decided to recreate a chain link (which is hard, and metal) into something ethereal by making it out of floating white sheer fabric. I also wanted the chain to be coming apart, either representing finding order in chaos, or breaking free from something. 

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