Wednesday, July 6, 2011

failure is never an option

A good couple months ago (or has it been a year?!) I wrote that i wanted to update this blog more. But that didn't happen. Now its summer time and I have time to actually blog! I'm changing it up a little bit though, including fashion inspirations and general inspirations, outfits that i create, and sewing projects. I will of course still post my art and everything of that matter. 

So this painting is one of my favorites done to date. Its a self portrait (obviously) with a field background that is my father's hometown of Battonya. My best friend Kodi toke the picture of me in Hungary last summer during our trip. I was particularly drawn to the photograph because of the composition. With my recent paintings I am trying to explore my heritage and feeling of detachment, yet attachment to both America and Hungary, as well as exploring the traditional side of Hungary (that town/family is very traditional) and how i don't relate to it. I think this painting gets that across, right?

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